November 16 - St. Petersburg

Before this trip began, I imagined that on the day of our arrival in St. Petersburg there would be champagne corks popping, crowds of friends and journalists on the platform gathered to greet us and maybe even a brass band playing or something. But with no such fanfare, Lisa and I stepped off our last train and navigated through the station unnoticed. We went to Lisa's apartment, the place where this all began almost three months ago. Rather than champagne, we sipped on cups of freshly brewed coffee feeling pretty satisfied that we had accomplished what we set out to do.

November 17

Spent yesterday afternoon and this morning editing and uploading the Moscow story. It was the first time we didn't actually transmit the material from the city where it was created. Kind of felt like we were cheating somehow.

In the evening Lisa and I went our separate ways. Both of us had been invited to different dinner parties given by old friends. It was only then that we came to the scary realization that we had not really been apart for more than a few hours over the past three months.

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