The Leica Camera Group

Rangefinder Camera System- Leica M6 with 13 interchangable lenses, some extremely fast, between 21mm to 135mm focal length.

Single Lens Reflex cameras- Multimode Leica R7 for versatility; Rugged, Mechanically controlled Leica R6.2 for creative photography; and a full range of interchangeable lenses from the 15mm super wide angle to the 800mm telephoto, including macro and zoom lenses.

Compact Cameras- Leica miniII, Leica minizoom and Leica minilux.
Slide Projectors- A wide range of 35mm slide projectors, from the simple amateur projector to the professional instrument for speaker presentations and multimedia shows, including units for dissolve projection.

Enlargers- Leica V35--a 35mm enlarger for pinsharp enlargements from 3x to 16x.
Trinovid high performance binoculars-- 8x32mm, 7x42mm, 8x42mm, 10x42mm, 8x50mm, 10x50mm.

Special Geovid 7x42mm binoculars with integrated electronic rangefinder and compass.

Compact binoculars with 8x and 10x magnification

Televid spotting scopes for bird watching

Headquarters and Innovation Center
With 1500 employees worldwide and 850 in Germany

Leica Camera GmbH
Oskar-Barnack-StraBe 11
D-35606 Solms (Germany)
Tel. +49(06442) 208-0
Fax +49(06442) 208-333

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