Recent high school graduate.

I was named after Indira Gandhi -- she came to Moscow in 1978, the year I was born...

I like walking around the village in the evening with my friends. Sometimes we go to visit other villages, too -- one of my friends has a motorcycle that we go on. And the Buryat Cultural Center here has a discotheque every Saturday night. People come from nearby villages to dance; there are sometimes as many as 30 people there.

Next year I will enroll at the Pedagogical Institute in Ulan-Ude. I want to study Buryat, and maybe come back to Galtai to be a teacher -- I haven't decided yet. I grew up in Galtai, and like living here. But who knows what will happen in five years, while I am studying in the city?

One thing I am pretty sure of is that I won't raise 10 children like my parents did. It's too expensive now to have so many children.


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