Irina Pavlovna, 50
Helicopter factory worker

Chechnya doesn't worry me a bit. You know what worries me?! The fact that I haven't been paid for three months at the helicopter factory where I work! That's what worries me! What do I care about what's going on down there when I can't afford to feed myself and my son?!

My son is 17 now, but I'm not afraid of his being sent to Chechnya. You know why? Because I know something, I know how to fix things. My son isn't going to Chechnya, or anywhere.

You write down what you see here, and then tell it to America! Tell them that Gorbachev sold everything, and now we have nothing! Look around you -- salespeople on every corner. It didn't used to be like this. You tell America how we're living over here. Tell them how much bread costs! Tell them I haven't been paid in three months!


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