Felix Ivanovich Glazov, 63
retired architect

American culture serves only to divert attention from the real problems at hand. That's true for us here in Russia, and also for you in America. When governments don't want the people to pay attention to what's going on around them, they feed them mindless entertainment to keep them otherwise occupied.

Some suggest that the sudden influx of all these movies, television shows and everything else is a plan by the US to keep Russia weak. I would have to have more information before making a charge like that -- but we'll see how it all ends. A weak Russia is good for our rivals. Which means a weak Russia is good for America.

This poster shows Yelooking to the West at the expense of the Russian people. They are always worried about appeasing the West, more so than they are about looking after the welfare of their own people.

I wouldn't say I'm an enemy of US culture. People just have to have priorities.


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