Yuri, 18
McDonald's employee

I can remember a few cases before, when people -- mostly older people -- held demonstrations against too much American influence in Russia. They weren't protesting McDonald's itself, but McDonald's is seen as a pure piece of American culture, so it came in for criticism too.

But that doesn't really happen anymore. The only people who criticize the wave of American culture in Russia are either nationalists, or they're crazy.

Even when I was a kid, when the Soviet Union was still around, I didn't think anything bad about America. I knew you had chewing gum there, and we didn't have it here, so I thought of it as probably a pretty nice place. And I still think your standard of living is higher, and that America is cleaner than Russia. Look down this street, look how dirty it is. McDonald's is the only clean spot. That's because I come out here and clean it all day.


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