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Our final upload
November 26, 1995

Who We Are
Welcome to The Russian Chronicles, an experiment in interactive photojournalism created especially for the World Wide Web by FocalPoint f/8. I'm Gary Matoso, a photojournalist based in Paris with Contact Press Images, and on my right is Lisa Dickey, a freelance journalist based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Together with Tripp Mikich, project director of FocalPoint f/8 in San Francisco, and Chuck Gathard, who designed and implemented The Russian Chronicle's site, and our co-producer with FocalPoint f/8, World Media Network in France, we invite you to join us on our remarkable journey from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg.

The Russian Chronicles
Follow our progress in the Daily Chronicles, or see expanded photo essays and stories in the Road Stories section. You can read what the people we encountered had to say In Their Words, or visit our Atlas for maps and geographical information. Trip At A Glance, will give you all the stats on our trip. And of course, you can leave your comments, thoughts, ideas, or suggestions through the Mailbox.

Our Route
Our journey took us across five time zones and over 5000 miles (8100km) of the immense Russian Federation. Our trip began in the eastern maritime city of Vladivostok, just a few hundred miles from Japan. Traveling first north and then west we followed the general route of the Trans-Siberian Railroad, ending our journey in the northwestern city of St.Petersburg in November.

How We Did It
Lisa and I recorded our digital impressions of Russia using a laptop computer and the new KODAK 420 DCS high resolution digital camera. Lisa was responsible for writing the "Road Stories" and the "In Their Words", and "Atlas" entries, and also did all the translation work. I wrote the "Daily Chronicles" entries and took all the photographs. Every few days, these digital photographs, essays, and new reports were relayed from our laptops via SprintMail's global email network to Tripp Mikich and Chuck Gathard at FocalPoint f/8 back in San Francisco. There, Chuck and Tripp edited and composed the images and text into the Web pages you see here which were originally posted each week as we went along.

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